October 31, 2010

Feeling Good

San Pedro, California
September 12, 1918

My dear Mother,

Got your package yesterday and used the powder and stuff right after I shaved, and there were at least a dozen fellows yelled "Perfume" when I passed. You needn't have gotten such expensive powder, but I'm certainly glad you did now.

Am on mess duty again today and on guard tomorrow, worse luck.

We've had several good meals lately -- don't know what's the matter with the cooks. One had meat, potatoes, cheese, fresh tomatoes, beans, bread & butter, and pie. Last night we had fish, stuffed peppers, sweet and Irish potatoes with gravy, hash, bread & butter, and a small piece of watermelon, but this morning they got lazy again and gave us beans.

I bought a trench mirror and toothpaste yesterday, and have already gotten laundry and toilet soap before.

My vaccination is taking and is sure itching, but will be over in a day or so I suppose. I took my third shot yesterday afternoon, and it hasn't made me sick -- just made my arm a little sore. I'm glad all three are over though. Will have to take a throat culture (which is having the doc stick a crooked wire down your throat with some medicine on the end, which he puts on your tonsils), and blood test, which only means they stick a needle in an arm and draw a little blood, so the worst of my problems are over.

Didn't get a letter yesterday so will be at the head of the line today waiting for one.

I'll write again as soon as I hear from you.

Your loving son,

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