March 6, 2011

The Only Letter From Mother

Mrs. H.F. Weldon
1548 Parkland Drive
Lynchburg, Va.
May 15, 1943

Dear Heywood,

The records I am sending will be of interest to you. I thought you'd like to have them for Little Heywood [Ed. note: Little Heywood was my father]. The experience of getting them was interesting to me.

The sailor-attendant offered to get your private record -- which no one else can handle -- and gave me dates, etc., and said your record was clear all through.

The modern Radar [sic]must be the improvement on the listening device.

Last night we went to the picture show and in the newsreel saw the Blakeley still in commission. I'd heard over the radio that she'd been torpedoed in the North Atlantic while with a convoy. She was badly damaged but still afloat and will, they say, "live to fight another day."

Worlds of love,

(Postmarked Lynchburg, Va., May 17, 1943)

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