March 2, 2011

Man About Town

Ed. note: Yesterday's post was the last letter from my grandfather's stint in the Navy. There are a few more family letters to read.

November 9, 1923
Southwestern Adjustment Company letterhead
524 Hall
Little Rock, Arkansas

Dear Mother:

Returned to Little Rock yesterday at noon after being gone two days, and will remain in town until Tuesday morning. We are experiencing such wonderful weather that I don't mind traveling, but business has been light the past week.

We have been settled in our new office over a week and it is certainly a great improvement over the Gazette Building. The building has just been completed and is so much cleaner and lighter.

Earle just came in to ask me to go to a football game with him, but I refused. Little Rock College is playing the State Normal, and I'm not interested in either team. I'll be on hand tomorrow, though, to see Little Rock High play East St. Louis High. Little Rock has won from all Arkansas teams as well as the leading high school teams of Memphis and New Orleans, and if they can win from St. Louis and Birmingham, Ala., they will be in a position to claim the southwest championship, for there is no question but that they have a better team than Dallas has. They play Bryan High on December 8 at Dallas, however.

You will be interested to know that I am having a much better time here than before. The last month I've been making quite a few dances and the fellows of the younger crowd seem to have taken me up. Just received an invitation to the coming out ball of Alice England, who is the "queen bee" deb this year. Also, of course, will be at the "Boat House" debutante cotillion on the 18th of November (which is also formal). However, the boys and girls don't compare with the crowd I know in Wichita Falls and Dallas, and don't have the clannish crowd of girls like at home. Am going to a dance tonight and dragging quite a social light [Ed. note: this is a pun on socialite] who is also a pretty little button. I suppose by 1925 I will have made my own debut into Little Rock society. One thing is certain -- I've never asked for an introduction to anyone, anywhere, an if I'm taken up they will certainly do the advancing.

Went to the Majestic last night and saw an exceptionally good bill -- the famous Arkansas Travelers were a knockout.

Don's and the other fellow's paper is OK. Earle came up, read it, and made very favorable comments. Tell Dad I congratulate him on his victory in re picture shows. Hurrah for Wichita; she is finally trying to make herself act like a city instead of a town.

I think you are absolutely correct about having a quiet Christmas, and I don't want anyone to get me a thing, for my Christmas present will be in being at home for a few days.

Since I have some dictation to give the lady, will have to call a halt for this time, but I'll try not to neglect writing for so long again.

Love to you and the family from
Your son,

(Postmarked Little Rock, November 19, 1923)

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